Sunday, August 31, 2008


Andy and I got last minutes Duck tickets and went to the opening Duck game against Washington Aug. 30 2008. We tail gated with a friend from Andy's work. The weather was perfect!
There's Andy and Matt posing so cute for the pic!

Go Duckies!!!!

It was a night game starting at 7....I love night games!

We won!!!
It was a great way to kick off the season!

There's Andy and I taking one last pic in our hotel room!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Las Vegas/Los Angeles July 2008

Andy and I standing in front of New York, New York. Andy, my mom and I went to LV for a pediatric conference. Megs came up to hang out with us and then we all drove to LA to spend the rest of the week with Megan in LA. It was so much fun!
Taking a break after shopping at the M&M store.

Megs and I hanging out in LV!
I miss her sooooo much!!!

And there's Andy!

The waterfall at the Pillazo.

Meggies and I! Muah!!!

Andy, Megs, Davin and I standing in
front of the Chinese theater on Hollywood Blvd.

Trying on hats for fun at Universal Studios!

So much fun that day!!!!

We went on the new Simpson's ride at Universal Studios.
It was a blast!

Meet Fred and Wilma Flinstones!

Lindsay's 25th Birthday

My mama and husband are such a blessing to my life!
Having people over for a BBQ for my 25th birthday.

Vicky, Nikki and Emily came to hang out with me on my 25th birthday.
It was so good to see all of them!

My beautiful niece Alexis hanging out with me in my backyard.
She is such an amazing dancer!!
My obsessed MMA husband sitting with SportsFight Champ~Enoch Wilson...
watch out Team Quest West!!!

Pearl District Portland, OR

September 15, 2007

Our Wedding Day