Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Leisman~Oct 2009

Just an updated picture of Andy and I. We hardly ever dress
up so it is nice to have a picture to capture this rare moment :-)

Pumpkin Patch~Oct 2009

We took Jayden to her 1st pumpkin patch at Lee's Farm.
She had a blast! She kept trying to eat the hay while
I was taking pictures! Lil stinker!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Andy's 30th Birthday

Alex got Andy a big ole basket full of candy.
Andy loved it!

Eating dinner at Bamboo Grove off McAdam. It was a fun little hole in the wall Hawaiian restaurant. We went to dinner with Sam, Suzy, Tommy, Mark and Loa.
Andy had no idea that after dinner we were taking him to On Deck where our
friends were waiting to surprise him for his birthday.

On Deck is a restaurant in the Pearl District.
Its in top of the building overlooking Portland.

Brian and Andy

Brian, Andy, Corey and Nicole...uh ho!

Jayden's 1st Doctors Appointment

June 3, 2009

Jayden and Dr. Kilty

Some more pictures of Jayden

Grandma swaddled me and sat me up so I can hang out!

Nikki, James and Maddox came to visit!
Maddox is sooo adorable!

This is what I love to do best!

Bath time!

Just getting home from Jayden's 1st outing
to the mall. She's exhausted.

1 Month Birthday!

4 weeks old

Great-grandma came to visit!

4th of July Weekend

Jayden and Pops

I love this picture of Jayden with her uncle Jason!
That smile is priceless!

Hi Monkey!