Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Leisman~Oct 2009

Just an updated picture of Andy and I. We hardly ever dress
up so it is nice to have a picture to capture this rare moment :-)

Pumpkin Patch~Oct 2009

We took Jayden to her 1st pumpkin patch at Lee's Farm.
She had a blast! She kept trying to eat the hay while
I was taking pictures! Lil stinker!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Andy's 30th Birthday

Alex got Andy a big ole basket full of candy.
Andy loved it!

Eating dinner at Bamboo Grove off McAdam. It was a fun little hole in the wall Hawaiian restaurant. We went to dinner with Sam, Suzy, Tommy, Mark and Loa.
Andy had no idea that after dinner we were taking him to On Deck where our
friends were waiting to surprise him for his birthday.

On Deck is a restaurant in the Pearl District.
Its in top of the building overlooking Portland.

Brian and Andy

Brian, Andy, Corey and Nicole...uh ho!

Jayden's 1st Doctors Appointment

June 3, 2009

Jayden and Dr. Kilty

Some more pictures of Jayden

Grandma swaddled me and sat me up so I can hang out!

Nikki, James and Maddox came to visit!
Maddox is sooo adorable!

This is what I love to do best!

Bath time!

Just getting home from Jayden's 1st outing
to the mall. She's exhausted.

1 Month Birthday!

4 weeks old

Great-grandma came to visit!

4th of July Weekend

Jayden and Pops

I love this picture of Jayden with her uncle Jason!
That smile is priceless!

Hi Monkey!

Sammy & Suzy's Wedding

Unfortunately, when Jayden was just shy of 3 weeks old,
I paid another unpleasant visit to the hospital for a
kidney stone. I ended up having to get surgery on
Thursday and discharged home on Friday, so
I wasn't able to be Suzy's bridemaids for their
Saturday wedding. I was so happy I was at least able
to attend and Jayden was able to come showing off her
cute pink dress I bought her!
Her uncle Jason kept calling her a little Christmas Angel
because she reminded him of the angels you put
on top of a Christmas tree :-)
Andy looked so handsome!
Leisman Family

Auntie Megan couldn't take her hands off Jayden

Andy, Majestic and I. She is growing into such
a beautiful young lady!

Me, Nick, Andy and Morgan! We miss you guys!

Jayden Kristine has arrived!

The day has finally arrived!
1 day before her due date....

Mom and dad just getting ready!

She's coming in about 3-4 minutes!

There she is!

Jayden Kristine Leisman
Born: May 26, 2009
6 lbs 12 oz
19 inches

So much better with clothes on!

There's Pops!

Jayden and Grandma Simmons!

Just me and mommy sleeping!
I look so small next to both my grandma's hands.

Jayden's first bath by mommy and daddy!

Awwww....so much better!

There's Aunt Vicky and Uncle Mitch!

Jayden and her great-grandma Leisman

Aunt Megan flew up from LA to see Jayden and these are
pictures of her seeing Jayden for the first time.....
we all balled our eyes out!!!

Andy and I put Jayden in a cute summer dress
for her first visit with Auntie Megan

So everyone says that Jayden looks just like me so my mom
brought a picture of me when I was born in the hospital
and look how similar we look! Crazy!!!

The going home outfit.
Andy did such a great job at getting her all dressed up for the
ride home and as soon as he was done dressing Jayden, he picked
her up, just like she is in the picture, and Jayden just FILLED her pants!
We both looked at eachother and starting laughing! I thought
I was going to have to pull out my back-up outfit but luckily, her daddy
put her diaper on nice and snugged!

Dre and Lily's first time meeting their baby!
They are soooo good with her!

Jayden was sooooo exhausted from all the company!
She is so popular these days :-)

We love her soooo much!